Time is irreplaceable. Don’t waste it being hungover.

About Us


Our mission is to build a company that will benefit our community by (a) creating quality products that deliver everything they promise and are produced ethically and responsibly; (b)  providing employment where people can thrive and succeed; and (c)  supporting causes that are important to us and touch our hearts deeply, such as Operation Underground Railroad that fights the horrors of sex trafficking and rehabilitates victims.   Together we can make a big difference.

Maria, Founder/CEO


Hangover Over was created by an intervention cardiology nurse.  During Maria’s time in the Emergency Room, she observed numerous patients admitted due to being heavily intoxicated, some unconscious as a result.  However, after the patients were administered a Banana Bag, which is a bag of fluids with vitamins and minerals, along with activated charcoal, they would come back to life!   Maria quickly realized that this secret had to be shared with the world.  It took some years, a lot of work, diligence, and the help of Maria’s closest friends, but Hangover Over is finally here.  We know it will help you feel your best, always.  NO MORE HANGOVERS! Thank you!

Maria, Founder